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Isabelle Demangeat

Isabelle Demangeat

Freie Universität Berlin

International Summer and Winter University



Isabelle Demangeat has lived in the French, Swiss, and German context as a young professional and junior manager. After a professional experience in customer service and sales in Switzerland, she undertook further qualifications in training and consultancy, specializing in areas which were relevant to her work experiences.
Her specialization in organizational development and HR began in 1991 at Allianz Lebensversicherung AG in Stuttgart.
1994 she started her practice as an independent consultant and offering her expertise in developing personal and professional cross-cultural competency.

Current FUBiS courses:

Since 1993 an intercultural consultant with extensive experience in trans-cultural processes and development, Isabelle Demangeat is passionate about experiencing cultures and expanding human communication skills. Her experience includes communication, conflict resolution and leadership training in international environments with a focus on international top executives.

•    Founder and Owner “Interkulturelle Beratung und Organisationsentwicklung – fit for culture“, 1993
•    Intercultural Consultant with extensive experience in Cross-Cultural-Processes and Development
•    Passionate about experiencing cultures and expanding  human communication skills
•    Leadership Consultant With focus on Top and Middle Management
•    Coach for International/ European Interacting Senior Managers
•    Trainer with long experience in Communication, Conflict  Resolution  and Management Training

Consultant and Trainer Competency:

•    Training activities since 1987
•    Own Consulting Business since 1993
•    Certified Gordon Inc. Trainer: Communication Skills (3 years curriculum)
•    Certified  in Organisational Development. Systemic Approach (EKHN, Frankfurt, 3.5 years curriculum and CH by Werner Zbinden ) - Group Relations (Tavistock Methodology)
•    Large Group facilitation: Open Space, Future Search Conference, Zukunftwerkstatt
•    Training in Individual Coaching Methodoloy (Management Center Voralberg, Austria)
•    Mediation Certification at Indian Institute of Mediation (IIAM)
•    Virtual Facilitation, Curriculum by Nomadic, Amersfoort, NL

Reference Client Organizations (examples):

Allianz Group (Germany and France), Areva, (France/Germany), Baloise Assurance (Switzerland), BASF (France, Italy and Germany), Bayer-Schering (Germany – USA), Bombardier (Europe), DPD (Germany, India), EADS Head Quarter Munich, EnBW (Energiegesellschaft Baden Württemberg), Galbani (Germany), GéoPost Intercontinental (France,Germany, India), Infineon (France, Germany and India,), Novartis (Switzerland and India), Power Generation Siemens (Germany), Rolls-Royce (Germany) sanofi-aventis (Germany, France), Solvay (Germany), TUI-InfoTec (Germany, India) Wella (Germany and France), Whirlpool (European HQ Italy, France)

Teaching at French and German universities on communication, intercultural topics, diversity and intersectionality.

•    Training modules on “Intercultural Teams” and “Intercultural Coaching” for the intercultural Train-the-Trainer Curriculum of artop Institute- Humboldt-University, Berlin
•    Université de Nice - Sophia-Antipolis : Cross-cultural communication and personal development, Departement de Gestion
•    Duale Hochschule Mannheim: Cross-cultural communication and international teams
•    Université de Nice - Sophia-Antipolis : Master 2 - Relations franco-italiennes (start 2021)
•    Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University

Her cultural specialization is focused on following cultural areas: France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, India. All of them are for Isabelle not only professional themes but are also linked to her personal life and interests.
Even if she grew up and started her professional life in France she has been all her life in contact with the Italian culture where her family is coming from. A large part of her education and professional live took place in Germany. She spend several years in working in the French and the German speaking parts of Switzerland. Last 6 years she had continuously personal and professional contacts with the Indian culture and traveled and worked extensively in India.

Content focus:
Diversity and inclusion, intersectional approach. Global leadership, international teams, coaching, international project management, cross-cultural co-operation, international conflict management and mediation.

•    „Digital Overload Management in einer globalen Arbeitswelt“ in: Digital Overload Management, Hsg Arne Prieß, Haufe Verlag, 2020
•    „Internationale Handlungsfelder für den Personalbereich“ (International Action Fields for HR) (p. 379-406)  co-author in: Schlüsselfaktor Strategisches Personalmanagement (2016), Arne Priess
•    Geschäftskultur Frankreich, Connbook Verlag, 2014
•    Integrating Indian Employees, Indian Contact, OWC Verlag, 2012 (Article)
•    “Frankeich - So nah und doch so fern: Deutsch-französische kooperation”
•    Demangeat, Isabelle, Markus Molz in: H Kinast Eva-Ulrike, Schroll-Machl Sylvia, Thomas, Alexander Handbuch Interkulturelle Kommunikation und Kooperation Band II Länder, Kulturen und interkulturelle Berufstätigkeit, Göttingen, Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht 2003
•    "Notions partagées ou malentendus interculturels? Regards sur quelques "mot-clés" dans les coopérations managériales franco-allemandes" - Christoph Barmeyer & Isabelle Demangeat, in : « Langue, économie, entreprise le travail des mots » Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 2007