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Ngan-Tram Ho Dac

Ngan-Tram Ho Day

Freie Universität Berlin

International Summer and Winter University



Ngan-Tram is a certified systemic coach and transformational facilitator (European Coaching Association). Her expert field centers around how to empower leadership qualities in times of change. Her passion lies in bridging the practical domain of training managers and teams within businesses with more science- and experience-based workshops for personal growth and transformative development. In the past eight years, she combined these interests with an entrepreneur mindset and founded several start-ups, mainly centered around self-leadership and purpose-oriented cooperation. The two most active organizations are today: the Global Impact Alliance with the mission to implement and extend the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the Frauenrausch GbR committed to education and events for female empowerment.

Over the past three years, Ngan-Tram has been teaching and supervising business leaders, coaches and change makers within the yearly training program at the Institute for Transformational Leadership in Berlin. With her background in the Cognitive Science school, she is also a regular lecturer in Psychology at the Medical University of Ho Chi Minh City where she prepares the students for their preliminary examination. In her interdisciplinary Master and Bachelor studies of, among others, Neuroscience, Social Psychology and Philosophy of Mind, she taught seminars in Logic and Philosophy. She has been granted a scholarship by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes for outstanding performance, co-authored a paper and was offered a phd position at the University of Vienna, before deciding to leave the academic career for an entrepreneurial impact.

Current FUBiS courses:

Practical Experience

2021                   Co-Founder Frauenrausch GbR
                           Events on the topic of female empowerment

2020                   Founder in°stance GbR
                           Flow trainings for self-organized cooperation in teams

Since 2020         Co-Founder Global Impact Alliance e.V.
                           Sustainable development organizations and leadership

2019                    Founder theGarden Project
                            Web App to reflect on one’s own purpose in life

2019                    Research Associate at aiQu, DIN e.V
                            Interdisciplinary standardization of Artificial Intelligence

Seit 2017             Self-employed activities for Transformation Space
                            Coaching, training, and consulting for managers and teams

2016-2017           Co-Founder COEM UG & Co. KG
                            Software to support responsible ownership

2015-2017           Sales & Projekt Manager young targets GmbH
                             Interactive recruiting events for young IT talents

2013-2014           Co-Founder Souma interdisciplinary student project
                            Design of a social network to facilitate cooperation


2020-2021         Training | Systemic constellation work (Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit), Praxis Guss

2019-2020         Seminars | SIY Mindfulness, Vipassana, Design Thinking

2017-2019         Facilitator (ECA) | Institute for Transformational Leadership

2016-2017         Coach (ECA), Trainer, Mediator | moves Seminarzentrum

2012-2014         Master of Science in Cognitive Science

                          Universität Osnabrück – Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai, India

2008-20012       Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science

                          Universität Osnabrück – Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago, Chile

Since 2019         Instructor & Coach Institute for Transformational Leadership
                            Training for coaches, executives and consultants

Since 2015         Guest Lecturer PNT University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
                            Seminar in medical psychology and sociology

2009-2012           Mentor & Tutor Institute for Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück
                            Seminars in philosophy of mind and logic