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Sebastian Olényi


Freie Universität Berlin

International Summer and Winter University



Sebastian Olényi specializes in sustainability strategy & communication. He is founder & CEO of the sustainability consultancy sustentio, member & co-owner of the sustainability consultancy cooperative sustainable natives and founder and CEO of the sustainable mobility startup Mobilitätshaus. As a member and supporter of entrepreneursforfuture and the German national sustainable business association BNW as well as its European counterpart ecopreneur.eu, he is contributing to the discussion around sustainable businesses on a national and European level. As a consultant, he has been working with major international corporates as well as with startups, NGOs and the SMEs.

He is teaching German and European sustainable entrepreneurship at the FU-BEST program and used to teach sustainable entrepreneurship at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, after his thesis on science communication at Ghent university, Belgium, his engineering degree in biotechnology at the French-Swiss-German ESBS as well as his Masters in environmental sciences at the University of Strasbourg.

Current FUBiS courses:

Since 2016 Founder & CEO sustentio sustainability consultancy

2008 - 2016 Freelance consultant on sustainability strategy & communication

1999 – 2008 Freelance journalist, NGO board memberships e.g. with European Youth Press

Since 2021 Sustainability business strategy & innovation, FU-BEST
2010 – 2014 Sustainable entrepreneurship, Delft University of Technology
2011 – 2014 Science communication, Delft University of Technology

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of public opinions and criteria for sustainable bioproducts, Delft University of Technology

The Global Bioenergy Partnership Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy, Chapter 15, Social Considerations