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Andreas Voss

Andreas Voss

Freie Universität Berlin

International Summer and Winter University



Andreas Voss completed his B.A. in Business Administration and M.A. in Entrepreneurship in Hamburg, Germany. In 2009, he founded the consulting company CONCIS GROUP!, helping students and professionals to found their own businesses. As an accredited consultant and trainer, he has developed workshop formats, such as the Deutsche Bahn Start-up Safari, and regularly trains jurors on how to evaluate business plans, for instance during the BPW (Europe’s biggest business plan competition). 

With People & Friends, as the 8th company he has founded (together with Janina Freigang), he develops and facilitates credit-bearing workshops, seminars and experiential learning programs for universities around the world. Workshop examples include Summer/Winter Entrepreneurship Schools at the Charité university clinic and the Graduate School of Natural Sciences in Hannover. The People & Friends Experiential Learning Programs offer short-term study tours on which Mr. Voss and Ms. Freigang take students and young professionals to get immersed in the start-up ecosystems of entrepreneurial hubs such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, and San Francisco. His area of expertise particularly lies in Business Modeling, Innovation, (Corporate) Entrepreneurship, and Strategy.

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