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Combination of FUBiS Summer Terms

Students who want to participate in both summer terms (FUBiS Term II and FUBiS Term III) receive a discount amounting to 200 Euro plus an additional discount of 10% on the course tuition of FUBiS Term III courses.  

FUBiS Alumni

FUBiS alumni of the previous two years receive an alumni discount amounting to 200 Euro. Please indicate in your registration that you are a FUBiS alumnus/alumna.

Combination of FUBiS and FU-BEST

We offer an attractive discount to FUBiS students who wish to add a FU-BEST (Freie Universität Berlin European Studies Program) semester to their study abroad portfolio, and to FU-BEST students looking for an additional short-term study abroad stay with FUBiS:

Students applying for a FU-BEST semester will receive a one-time discount of 20% on the tuition fee if they have completed a FUBiS term prior to the application deadline for this particular FU-BEST semester.

Students applying for a FUBiS term will receive a one-time discount of 20% on the tuition fee

a) if they have completed a FU-BEST semester prior to the start of said FUBiS term or
b) if they have fully paid the semester fees for the FU-BEST semester directly following said FUBiS term (i.e. FU-BEST Spring payment qualifies for FUBiS Term I reduction, FU-BEST Fall payment qualifies for FUBiS Term II or III reduction).

Please indicate your alumnus/alumna status in the comment field of the program´s application form! Please also inform us what year/ term/ semester you participated in which program (i.e. FUBiS or FU-BEST). The discount will be directly deducted in your invoice.

FU-BEST is a semester program featuring a Fall (September to December) and a Spring (February to May) semester. It offers an intensive and diverse study abroad experience through a combination of German language instruction, a varied menu of subject courses, and extra-curricular activities. For the Fall Semester, applications are due by April 1. For the Spring Semester, applications are due by November 1. For more information about admission requirements and application, please see the FU-BEST website.

Please note that the FUBiS Alumni discount does not apply for students combining FUBiS and FU-BEST.