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What happens at the orientation meeting?

The FUBiS orientation meeting takes place on the first Sunday in Term II and Term III. In Term I, the date for the orientation meeting varies. You will receive your personal documents (student identity card, ZEDAT computer account, Mensa card, tickets for the excursions you booked during the registration, and insurance documents, if applicable).

During the orientation meeting, you will receive an overview of the structure of the program as well as specific details regarding the activities and events of the following weeks. During a buffet, you will have the chance to get to know the FUBiS team, your instructors and your fellow students. Subject course students will also receive their course readers.

The participation in the orientation meeting is mandatory for all FUBiS students.

The orientation meeting for participants of the online program will take place via the video conference tool Webex during the week before courses start. There you will receive information about your first day of class and meet the other students, as well as your instructors and the FUBiS staff.