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Orientation meeting and the first days of class

The FUBiS orientation meeting takes place on the first Sunday in Term II and Term III. In Term I, the date for the orientation meeting varies. You will receive your personal documents (student identity card, ZEDAT computer account, Mensa card, tickets for the excursions you booked during the registration, and insurance documents, if applicable).

During the orientation meeting, you will receive an overview of the structure of the program as well as specific details regarding the activities and events of the following weeks. During a buffet, you will have the chance to get to know the FUBiS team, your instructors and your fellow students. Subject course students will also receive their course readers.

The participation in the orientation meeting is mandatory for all FUBiS students.

The orientation meeting for participants of the online program will take place via the video conference tool Webex during the week before courses start. There you will receive information about your first day of class and meet the other students, as well as your instructors and the FUBiS staff.

About four weeks before your FUBiS term begins, you will receive pre-departure information that helps you find the directions from your accommodation to the FUBiS Orientation at Freie Universität Berlin. On the day of the orientation meeting a FUBiS staff member will meet students in selected accommodations and accompany them to the university. Students who are placed in homestays or who have arranged for an accommodation independently will travel to the orientation meeting individually.

In Term II and III, the first day of class for students taking a course on the A or C track is Monday. The B track courses begin on Tuesday. The meeting place and time will be announced at the orientation meeting. Students of the D track courses will find information about their first day of class in the course description (syllabus).

For Term I you will find the dates of your first day of class in the respective course syllabus.

German courses: If you have registered for a German course that requires a certain level of prior knowledge, your first day of class may in some cases begin with a short interview which will help the instructors to assess your speaking skills. Together with the online placement test and the detailed questionnaire, this interview will help to make sure that you are placed in the course which best suits your language proficiency level.

Participants of the online courses will receive all information about their respective Webex course meeting links during the online orientation, as well as on the e-learning platform Blackboard.

About four weeks before the FUBiS term begins, you will receive an e-mail with account data to Distributed Campus, the internet portal of Freie Universität Berlin for international students. On Distributed Campus, you will find important pre-departure information including a student guide with details about the day of arrival, directions to your accommodation, a detailed overview of the FUBiS program, and other tips to help you prepare yourself for the FUBiS term (information about the campus, libraries, emergency phone numbers etc.). Please print out the student guide and bring it with you to Berlin.

In the following weeks, FUBiS will ask you to fulfil several tasks on the internet portal in order to prepare for your stay at FUBiS. You will also receive additional information (e.g. regarding the e-learning platform, the online placement test for German course students, and your housing placement) via e-mail.  

Participants of the online courses will receive their login information for Blackboard, the link to the online German language assessment test for German language students, as well as further important information and documents via email and Blackboard.

Every subject course participant will receive a reader at the orientation meeting. This reader is included in the course fee. If you would like to prepare for your class before you arrive, you will find the material for the first week of class on the FUBiS e-learning platform. You will receive the access code for this platform by e-mail approximately four weeks before FUBiS starts.

In addition, some professors give recommendations for further reading which is not included in the reader. More information on suggested readings can be found in the respective course description (syllabus) on the FUBiS website. Please note that the purchase of additional literature occurs voluntarily and is not a course requirement.

Online course participants will receive a PDF of their course reader and any additional material via Blackboard about four weeks before the program starts.

German course participants will receive a textbook (included in the course fee) for the respective level (see syllabi German A1 to C1). Additional materials will be provided by your instructor.

Participants of the online German language and culture courses will receive a personal code with which they can access the e-book version of their textbook. Additional material will be provided by the instructors via Blackboard.

FUBiS is an intensive short-term study program and therefore there is no drop-and-add period. However, a course change is possible under the following circumstances:

  • the maximum number of participants in the desired course has not been reached;
  • the change has been approved by the instructors of both affected courses;
  • the change has been approved by the program director.

We urgently recommend that you get in touch with your home university to clarify whether the study achievements in the other (new) course will be recognized.

The last chance for a course change is the second business day after the first official day of class in Term I and Term III. In Term II, it is the fourth business day after the first official day of class. No course changes will be approved after these deadlines.

For a course change after registration you will be charged a fee of 75€ per subject course.

If you would like to drop a course, please read the terms of cancellation.