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FUBiS receives award from the German government

News from Jun 24, 2020

We are very proud to inform that our FUBiS online program which was initiated as a result of the current pandemic and is offered this summer was recognized by the initiative Germany: Land of Ideas – Beyond Crisis.

The initiative was launched by the German federal government and German industry to support projects that develop innovative and socially relevant ideas. The aim of the recognized projects should be to show ways out of the current crisis and to design a future worth striving for.

The FUBiS online program consists of a virtual, partly interactive lecture series and five discounted online courses.

The eleven lectures which are part of the lecture series are public and free. Anyone interested can follow them on our website and on YouTube.

Students taking an online course can complete German language classes in four weeks as well as one of three subject courses that are taught in English. Students can earn ECTS credit points and a certificate from Freie Universität Berlin.

For the full press release of Freie Universität Berlin, please see here.

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