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FUBiS maintains QUIP recognition by The Forum on Education Abroad

News from Dec 05, 2018

FUBiS has demonstrated that it is in substantial conformity with The Forum’s Standards of Good Practice, and maintains a commitment and dedication to offering high quality programs in education abroad at a level of excellence acceptable to the larger academic community. The successful completion of QUIP for the second time also reflects the organization’s commitment to continuous assessment and improvement. Germany-wide, FUBiS is the only program of its kind that successfully underwent the thorough QUIP review process.

The Forum Review Panel noted: Through this QUIP review, FUBiS has demonstrated two very admirable qualities: 1) its thoughtful and substantial conformity to good practices in education abroad, and 2) its desire for continuous improvement despite already operating at a very high level. FUBiS clearly understands the issues at stake in education abroad and the evolving nature of the field. (Letter of Recognition, November 27, 2018)

You will find further information on the Standards of Good Practice at www.forumea.org.

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