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Excursion to Stralsund

Stralsund, located on Strela Sound on the Baltic Sea, is through and through a city influenced by the sea. Today carefully restored town houses and imposing brick churches attest to the heyday of this hanseatic city, which up until 1815 belonged to the Kingdom of Sweden. In 2002 Stralsund was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In July 2008 an additional attraction opened in Stralsund: the Ozeaneum, where 40 state-of-the-art salt-water aquariums show the underwater world of the northern seas, including its diverse animal and plant species as well as the influence of the water ebb and flow.

Excursion tickets can be purchased during the registration process or later, provided that there are still places available.

To find out more about Stralsund, please visit the city's official website.