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How do I know which level is the right one for me?

In order to make sure that you are placed in the class which best suits your language level, FUBiS has developed a multi-step placement process:

  • First, you estimate your own level. You will find descriptions of the different levels in the course syllabi on our website.
  • A few weeks before FUBiS starts, you will take an online placement test. FUBiS will notify you when the test portal is open.
  • Participants are then asked to provide detailed information about their previous experience in learning German as a foreign language. This questionnaire is targeted in a way that allows for a conclusive representation of students’ current state of German language knowledge. Additionally, participants of the on-site program may be invited to a short interview with our German language instructors on the first day of class, who will evaluate their speaking skills.

Your German language level will be determined by this process, and you will then be placed in the course which best suits your language proficiency level and guarantees you the best learning results.