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How many credits will I receive? Will they be accepted by my home university?

For your participation in the FUBiS program, you will receive credits of Freie Universität Berlin which are calculated following the European Credit Transfer System. This system (ECTS) is based on the principle that 60 credits represent the amount of work done by a full-time student within an academic year. The amount of work includes attending class as well as the individual work and study outside of class. The Academic Senate of the Freie Universität Berlin has stipulated that an ECTS credit of Freie Universität Berlin corresponds to a workload of 25 to 30 hours.

Depending on the term and course(s) you take, you may receive between 5 and 11 ECTS credits per FUBiS course.

Please note that every academic institution proceeds by its own directives when accepting study achievements of other academic institutions, so-called "foreign credits.” Therefore, we recommend that you speak with your academic advisor or professor before you register for FUBiS to make sure that the FUBiS credits you receive will be recognized by your home university.

Also note that credits can only be awarded if you are currently or have been enrolled at a university.