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Alumni-Berichte über FUBiS

Die folgenden persönlichen Berichte von ehemaligen FUBiS-Teilnehmern sollen Ihnen einen Eindruck vom FUBiS-Studium vermitteln. Wir freuen uns, wenn diese Meinungen und Erfahrungen dazu beitragen, dass Sie sich für die Teilnahme an FUBiS entscheiden. Gerne dürfen Sie die FUBiS-Alumni, die mit einer E-Mail-Adresse verknüpft sind, persönlich kontaktieren.

Informationen für FUBiS Alumni finden Sie hier.

Statements Sommer 2013

Raúl Andrade, Spanien

"Hello, I am Raúl Andrade from Spain. I really liked the organization of the FUBiS program. The staff was great and always available for everybody. My German teacher was also a highlight of the program. She was great, and I have been to another German school in Berlin, and I did not think this would be as good as that, but it is better. I loved it and I learned a lot. Berlin is the best city in Europe, and I have been to many cities! I love the country of Germany and I want to work here. Keep up the good work."

Helena Robyn, Frankreich

"My name is Helena Robyn, I come from France. I have studied in FUBiS during the 2013 term III program. I was a participant in a German course and a European Policy course. I really liked FUBiS and the program because it was very international and I met people from all over the world here. The quality of the teachers and the way they taught made me really like it. Berlin is an amazing city that I will come back to."

Xavier De Robles, USA

"I would definitely recommend FUBiS, I met so many people here from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. I came here because I really wanted to speak German, now I ended up speaking French, Spanish, English AND German, which was quite overwhelming but very rewarding as well. Coming to Germany made me realize how diverse it is here, and I have been able to make friendships that I know will last a while. Everyone offers for each other to come over in upcoming summers, to see different parts of the world, and it's amazing to have those connections. It makes the world seem a lot smaller, and it's comforting to know that."

Peter Morris, Großbritannien

"My name is Peter and I am from the United Kingdom. I have been studying in a course about the European Union in the 21st Century. I found the course to be absolutely fascinating and very informative, and it was with a great crowd of people from all over the world. The program had a great mixture with great lecturers. The program was super and I would recommend it to anyone."

Yu-Lun Hsiao, Taiwan

"The staff of FUBiS was really friendly and well organized and I liked the courses here. It was really helpful with my studies."

Michelle Scharlock, USA

"Hi, I am Michelle Scharlock and I am from Seattle. I was in the FUBiS Summer Program in both term II and term III. In term II I took the cabaret course, and it was absolutely fantastic. I would totally recommend it to everyone if you want to write your own show or perform something, you will really learn a lot about Berlin cabaret in the 1920's. I would definitely recommend that everyone should take that class. In term III, I took a Deutsch course which helped me learn how to speak German and it was awesome! I really loved the teacher, the people were great, and I feel like I really learned a lot of German. It was a wonderful experience. You should definitely do it if you have time."

Kingsley Lasbrey, USA

"Hi, I am Kingsley Lasbrey from New York. I enjoyed the FUBiS program because it gave me a chance to experience German culture first hand and to get a feel of the place around me. I had a lot of opportunities to actually practice my language skills in a country where the language is spoken rather than in a workbook or in a classroom. I felt like I was living a dream and I would definitely do the FUBiS program again and I recommend that anybody who has a passion for langauge, especially German, to try FUBiS and come here to study. It was great!"

Maxwell Phillips, USA

I am Maxwell Phillips, a student of the Music Composition and Conducting Course with the Professors Brown and Adler. I just wanted to say that FUBiS was an amazing experience and working with Dr. Brown and Dr. Adler was so inspiring for me and one of the greatest summers of my life. Berlin is an amazing city and the only place besides New York City that I would ever consider living in. I want to thank everyone at FUBiS!

Hans Davidson, USA

Hello, my name is Hans Davidson.  I am a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania. My favorite thing about FUBiS was the FUBiS staff including the teachers. My teacher, Ina Sammler, was the absolute best, I felt bad for anyone who didn’t have her. The FUBiS staff team was so helpful. Every day I would come in and ask a question and they would always have an answer. I am coming back for term III, and if I could come back again after that, I absolutely would. I recommend this program to anybody, it’s absolutely fantastic.”

James Scofield, USA

"I met tons of people in FUBiS, made tons of friends in FUBiS. It changed my life. I really enjoyed Berlin because there is a really cool expat community and we got to explore a lot. I feel like FUBiS gave me the opportunity to explore Berlin while still being in class and learning.”

Joe De La Rosa, USA

I’m Joe De La Rosa from Austin, Texas. What I really liked about my class was the quality of the instruction and the time we spent on the German language in general was extremely beneficial along with the environment. It was truly conducive to my learning. Basically I really enjoyed it and it felt like I made two semesters of progress in six weeks and I can’t say enough about the professor, the people who helped, and the program in general. It was truly wonderful and a good experience for everyone involved who wants to learn German. I enjoyed it immensely and I met some really nice people and I would recommend it to just about anyone.”

Will Rowe, USA

„My name is Will Rowe, I’m a student of the music composition and conducting course, taught by Sam Adler and Emily Brown. I have had an excellent, excellent time these past six weeks. The course has been nothing but sheer excellence. I feel like I have made a noticeable improvement in the last six weeks in both my conducting and composition and I feel way more prepared to enter the world of composition afterwards and FUBiS has been a great organization and Berlin has been a great city and I had the best of all possible worlds here.”

Heidi Zentz, USA

"Hi, I’m Heidi Zentz, I took the German A2 Intensive course and I was here for term 2. I had so much fun in Berlin! I learned so much more German, my speaking of the language became so much more proficient, and I really enjoyed the city. I got to see a lot, I had a lot of fun, and a great time."

Christofer Hamilton, USA

"I think the FUBiS program is great because they really facilitated my learning experiences in Berlin and I got to see so much more of the city that I wouldn’t normally see if it were just me, and there were great hosts, guides, and teachers there."

Statements Winter 2013

Sara Ferrari, Italien

“Hallo, ich heiße Sara, ich bin 24 Jahre alt und komme aus Italien. Ich habe hier in Berlin einen Deutschkurs besucht und es hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich habe bei einer Berliner Gastfamilie gewohnt und es war wunderbar. Ich würde allen Studenten empfehlen, bei einer Gastfamilie zu wohnen. Da hat man eben die Möglichkeit, viel Deutsch zu sprechen und sich zu verbessern. Mein Deutschkurs war auch eine wunderbare Möglichkeit, um Deutsch zu sprechen und mich zu verbessern und es war auch gut für meine Beziehungen. Ich habe viele Freunde getroffen. Sie kamen aus der ganzen Welt. 4 Tage die Woche hatten wir Unterricht und dann haben wir Exkursionen gemacht. Auch das FUBiS Personal war ganz toll und sehr hilfreich. Sie beantworteten alle Fragen, die wir hatten. Berlin ist eine sehr schöne Stadt und es hat eine sehr interessante Geschichte und Kultur. Es gibt so viel zu tun und man kann ausgehen. Das ist wirklich toll. Also ich würden ihnen empfehlen in Berlin bei FUBiS natürlich zu studieren.“

Daniel Fedor, USA

„I’m Daniel Fedor from Traverse City, Michigan. I’ve never stayed in Berlin or another big city like this. I really liked it. It’s very unique compared to other cities I’ve been in. I had a German class. I went on excursions to the Berlin Wall, Potsdam and the Reichstag. I think almost every day after school I’ve tried to go somewhere and walk at least. I liked it a lot. I’ve done a similar program and I thought that this one balanced the amount of work and free time really well. You learn a lot but we’ve got to immerse ourselves in the culture and really see things. The whole team was very nice and the teachers were helpful. Yeah of course I’d recommend FUBiS.”

Seong Ho Son, Südkorea

“My Name is Seong Ho Son. I am from Seoul. I liked Berlin very much. Especially the public transportation system was just beyond my expectation and although the weather was not always nice, I really enjoyed visiting museums and some other art exhibitions. So every day I enjoyed being in Berlin. The course was really nice. The excursions were especially nice for me because if I hadn’t applied for a FUBiS course I wouldn’t have been allowed to get into embassies of different countries like Turkey, Bangladesh or Romania. So I really had unforgettable experiences with very useful information about the European Union. I had the chance to make new friends and get to know each other. The most unforgettable being in Germany was that the home stay family which I was assigned to was the best. I really enjoyed talking to them or having dinner with them. Almost every day I tried not to forget having dinner with them. It was really nice. It can’t be better. I’d recommend FUBiS to others. I have even applied for FUBiS ambassador.”

Loren Hamilton, USA

“My name is Loren Hamilton. I’m from Ventura, California. I took a German class level B2. I liked it a lot. It was a nice review, a good reintroduction of German language. We’ve also learned a lot more new things and I definitely felt like I really did improve and it was really beneficial. The program overall was really nice. They try to integrate and make the students connect with each other and everybody, the whole staff is really helpful and really kind. They really care. So I think it’s a definitely helpful program. I’d recommend it.”

Valeria Zhirnykh, Russland

„My name is Valeria, I’m 27 and I’m from Russia. I had a FUBiS course in European Studies. Actually it is not my major because I’m a linguist. But I must say that I’m really impressed. It was really educative and the way how they did this was really interesting because we were not just sitting in the class all the time. We’ve visited different embassies. It was really unusual because where else can we speak to a Turkish ambassador and ask him a question. I think it’s a good idea to have such short term courses because it is a good way for people from different majors to have totally different experiences in different subjects and it can help people to choose in the future what they are going to do, because you can clearly understand if it’s interesting for you or not.”


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