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Alumni-Berichte über FUBiS

Die folgenden persönlichen Berichte von ehemaligen FUBiS-Teilnehmern sollen Ihnen einen Eindruck vom FUBiS-Studium vermitteln. Wir freuen uns, wenn diese Meinungen und Erfahrungen dazu beitragen, dass Sie sich für die Teilnahme an FUBiS entscheiden. Gerne dürfen Sie die FUBiS-Alumni, die mit einer E-Mail-Adresse verknüpft sind, persönlich kontaktieren.

Informationen für FUBiS Alumni finden Sie hier.

FUBiS Term II 2016 - What our students think...

FUBiS Term III 2016 - What our students say...

Statements Winter 2016

Sophie Seneviratne, Australia
„I’m Sophie Seneviratne from Brisbane, Australia, and I did the German Language Course B2 this semester in the winter term I. I really liked to do this. Before I came to Berlin, I expected that I would improve my German but I did not expect to meet so many great people from all around the world. So now, I have friends from every point in the world, which is really cool. And it’s great to live in Berlin in wintertime and be able to travel around Berlin and also around Germany and Europe. It’s a really good experience. It’s a great international community that I did not expect to see here. Just wonderful!”

Ye Joon Seo, USA

“Hello, my name is Ye Joon Seo. I was born in South Korea. I immigrated to the United States, to New York. I took the A1 German Language Course. The FUBiS program was definitely a good experience. I feel the urge now to do more study abroad programs and I feel way more comfortable being in a new environment. I really liked my class because I was able to be actively participating in a classroom where nobody really knows what we are saying to each other. I think it is really fun. It was an enriching and great experience in Berlin and I also visited other cities like Dresden. The excursions were great. I had a great time and took a lot of pictures. It was just a great experience abroad! “

Anna Rosa de Agostini, Brazil

“Hi, my name is Anna, I’m from Brazil and I visited the course “Berlin 1961-1989: Radical Lives in the Shadow of the Wall”. I loved it. It was a great experience. I have never been to Europe before and it was an amazing opportunity to get to know Berlin and Germany and to learn more about the German culture. I met a lot of people from all around the world. I had an amazing time at the excursions and the classes were so great. We visited places I could never have imagined I would ever go to. We could really go into the course and learn a lot. It was a great experience and I completely recommend the program to all of you!”


Shehryar Khan, Pakistan

“My name is Shehryar. I’m from Pakistan. It was really nice for me to visit Berlin for the first time and to study “European Studies” at the same time. So I was not only a tourist but like a student tourist. It was great to go to different places and to explore them while learning about the European Union. It was a very, very nice experience for me and I would really recommend people to take part in the program.”

Elena Biason, Italy

“Hallo, ich bin Elena und ich komme aus Italien. I took the German Language Course A1. It was really fun and I enjoyed the FUBiS program so much because, first of all, I had no knowledge of German before and now I am quite able to ask for example “What is the time?” “Where is something?” or to order something in a café or in shops. So I’m really excited. I’m sure I’m going to improve the language when I go back home. Berlin is wonderful and one of my dreams would be to come here to live and work. So I really want to thank you, the FUBiS staff and the teacher Muhammed. I think he was always really prepared and made us enjoy the lessons, so it was easier to learn. Thanks!”

Felipe Volio, Costa Rica

“Hello, my name is Felipe Volio and I come from Costa Rica. I study law there and in the FUBiS program, I took the “Law, Society and Politics” course. I think it was one of the best experiences that an international student can wish for. Not just because of the city and the people you meet but it is a challenge to get to know the German culture and how the university really works like here in Germany. And I think it’s a really good experience.”


Weitere Statements

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