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Public Transportation

Travelling within the city, including the commute to and from FUBiS locations is an easy task due to Berlin's highly developed public transport system. The public transportation network of Berlin combines subways, trains, bus, streetcars, and even passenger ferries on some of Berlin’s lakes.

We recommend buying the "Gleitende Monatskarte" (monthly pass valid from any day) for zones AB. It is a monthly pass that can be obtained at any day of the month in order to be valided for 30 days after purchase. The pass is valid for all means of transportation in Berlin, zone A covers the downtown area and zone B includes the university campus and the student housing.

For FUBiS Term II (our six week program) we recommend to buy a monthly pass plus two 7-day passes for zones AB.

Please note that the FUBiS student ID is not a valid ticket for the public transportation system.

All tickets can be purchased from vendor machines on the platforms or in the entrance areas of all stations, at the airports, train stations or from ticket booths at the main stops of the trains and subways. Most of the vendor machines operate with cash and/or credit or debit card payment options.

Weekly, daily and single passes are also available but offer less value.

For more information on cost and routes please click here.