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FUBiS Online

Digital Lecture Series 2021

Digital Lecture Series 2021

The FUBiS online offers consist of:

Online Courses

FUBiS offered online courses for ECTS credits between 2020 and 2022. Currently, no online courses are being offered. For up-to-date course listings, please see here: Courses.

Digital Lecture Series 2020

As part of an open digital lecture series, we hosted one online session every week from June 3 to August 12, 2020. Every week, FUBiS instructors alternately presented their subject or German language courses in detail and gave a short lecture on one of the course’s key topics.

  • Subject course sessions: Seven subject sessions were offered as video recordings and published on the FUBiS website and on YouTube. Among others, popular FUBiS courses such as "Berlin and the Digital Music Era", "Seduction and Terror: Hitler's Germany" and "Global Challenges - Sustainable Futures" were presented.
  • Live! German language sessions: The lecture series included four separate German language sessions, which took place as interactive live events. German language instructors also gave an overview on their courses which you can watch here.

Please click here, to review the full program for the lecture series. All recorded sessions can be found here.

Digital Lecture Series 2021 "What's Next?" Voices from Dynamic Berlin

Building on the success of two digital lecture series in 2020 (see here and here), the international programs of Freie Universität Berlin, FU-BEST (European Studies Program) and FUBiS (International Summer and Winter University), organized a joint series of live online events and varied on-demand programming under the banner “What’s Next?” Voices from Dynamic Berlin, which ran from June 30 until November 3, 2021.

The series featured four separate live German language sessions and six pre-recorded video entries from disciplines as varied as history, music, environmental studies, sociology, politics and more.

See here for the full program and here for the recordings of the sessions.