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Student Voices

The following personal statements by students of previous FUBiS terms might help to create a sense of the program’s atmosphere. We hope that these impressions and experiences will help you decide to attend the FUBiS program. You may contact the FUBiS alumni who are linked with an e-mail address personally.

FUBiS waives the program fee for returning alumni. For more information please click here.

Statements Summer 2014

Adam Norris, USA
I'm Adam Norris from Georgia. FUBiS was great; I really enjoyed my time here. I was here for 11 weeks and attended two terms. The FUBiS staff was great! Every time I had a question they went over and beyond what I asked for and they were really quick in responding. Generally, everyone was really nice here. It was super easy to get to know everyone, and I really enjoyed it. The teaching was awesome, I took a B2 German language course and I learned a lot. I got a lot of time to speak German and practice my German. Berlin was awesome; it's a really cool, modern and hip city. There are a lot of things to do for a young college student, and yeah, it was a lot of fun!

Nicolle Ocasio, USA
My name is Nicolle Ocasio and I'm from Puerto Rico. I participated in FUBiS term II and term III and I took the B1 and B2 Intensive German courses. I think FUBiS is a really cool experience. It's really well organized. The staff is very friendly and helps with anything. Whenever I had a problem someone helped me out very fast, I really appreciate that. Also, FUBiS gives you a lot of things to do in Germany. If you come to Germany without a solid plan, FUBiS is there for you! They have a nice little calendar set up for you, where you can do really cool, hip things besides seeing the touristic places, which I would recommend you to use. Overall, my time in Germany was a very good experience. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of German. Berlin as a city is super great. The transportation system is amazing! I defnitely want to come back and maybe work here, because I feel very at home here. It is a very colorful, unique city and there is always something going on every single day, every single weekend and every single week. Berlin never sleeps, which is great!

Mavia Sofia Mendoza Malma, Peru
Mein Name ist Mavia und ich bin 27 Jahre alt. Ich habe an zwei der FUBiS-Terms teilgenommen und das war eine wunderbare und wunderschöne Erfahrung, die ich hier in Berlin gemacht habe. Mein Deutschkurs war absolut toll. Wir haben so viel über Literatur und über die Geschichte Berlins gelernt, und wir haben uns auch viel mit der deutschen Grammatik beschäftigt, das hat uns viel Spaß gemacht. Ich glaube FUBiS ist der absolut beste Kurs, denn die Leute lernen nicht nur die Sprache, sondern auch viel über die Kultur und darüber, wie Berlin eigentlich ist. Es ist eine gute Kombination. Das FUBiS Team hat mir mit allem geholfen, was so passiert, wenn man Ausländer ist und in ein anderes Land kommt, das man nicht gut kennt. Es ist sehr positiv, dass man immer in FUBiS vertrauen kann - wenn du eine Frage hast, kann das Team dir immer helfen.

Tommy Gebhardt, USA
Ich heiße Tommy Gebhardt, and I come from Colorado. I studied here in Berlin for both term II and term III of 2014. I thought FUBiS was an excellent summer school that allowed me to learn a lot both in my German class and in my history class over Nazi Germany. I also liked my courses, because I am an engineering student, so I don't have much opportunity to explore history, culture and languages in my regular courses, and my FUBiS courses allowed me to do so during the summer. I joined every excursion that was offered; I visited Hamburg, Weimar, Leipzig and Dresden. The tours were excellent. I would highly recommend FUBiS if you are interested in German language, culture or history. If you don't have the time to take a semester long study abroad, FUBiS is a very compact and intense way of learning and get to know Germany, and you meet a ton of people doing so and will certainly enjoy it!

Michael Sitkin, USA
My name is Michael Sitkin and I'm from California. My school back in America is UC Davis. I heard about FUBiS through the German department of my university. I really wanted a year abroad, so I decided to take a pre-intensive language program with FUBiS and a year abroad in Berlin after that. In general, it's been a very good experience. The staff was really helpful despite me running around like a headless chicken some times, and as for my teacher, she was absolutely wonderful, she's a joy to be around. So I can say for the teaching staff it was a really positive experience, lots of positive energy and excitement. And then the excursions we did: the ones we did in class, but also the FUBiS trips were wonderful.

Christina Kurica, USA

"I'm Christina Kurica and I come from New Jersey. Here in Berlin, I took the A1 intensive German language class. I learned a lot in my course, it was really great. What I liked the most about FUBiS was that it was really easy to connect with people; I met a lot of new friends from all over the world, and I felt really welcome and home here. One can safely say that FUBiS is a home away from home!"

Eric Fegan, USA

"Hi, I'm Eric Fegan and I'm from Ohio. I go to Rice University in Houston, Texas. I came to FUBiS for the Music Composition Course to study with Samuel Adler and really, it's been a dream. This is my second year doing this and I have never had so much fun. I had so many opportunities and got to work with people that are just great. So if anyone has a chance to work with these people don't hesitate to come here, especially because you get to work one on one with the best professors maybe even in the world. So let alone that, then there is also Berlin. This is just the perfect place, especially for exploring music; I've been to 10 operas in the last six weeks. Where else in the world can you do that? So, I suggest FUBiS!"

Lauren Gaillard, USA

"My name is Lauren Gaillard and I'm from North Carolina. I was in the A1 semi-intensive German language class and also the 'Borders and Crossings' class. I loved the city of Berlin, because it's an extremely diverse place. I felt like I was at home, only in a bigger city. I experienced so many things I never experienced before, especially because it was my first time outside of the US. I love FUBiS, because the people are truly friendly and I met people from all over the world, that I now can call really good friends. I would love to come back!"

Malcolm Morano, USA

"I'm Malcolm Morano. I'm from the US and I go to Fordham University. I was in Berlin for the FUBiS term II 2014 and I took the B1 intensive German language course. I really loved my FUBiS class, especially because I had a fantastic teacher. Berlin is a really exciting and interesting city, because it is full of contrasts between old and new. On the one hand, it has a really long history and many old buildings. On the other hand, at the same time it has a very new and wild feeling, because it's newly reunited and has a new growing culture."

Catherine Hill, USA

"Ich heiße Catherine Hill, ich komme aus Chapel Hill in den USA. Ich habe den C1-Kurs und den 'Berlin im Wandel'-Kurs besucht. Ich finde FUBiS sehr toll und ich habe sehr gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht. Weimar war eine tolle Exkursion. Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, wir haben Goethes Haus gesehen und auch viele andere tolle Dinge. Also kommt zu FUBiS!"

Statements Winter 2014

Hyung Sub Sim, South Korea

"Hello, my name is Hyung Sub Sim, I am from Seoul and my college is Seoul National University. I came to FUBiS because I was interested in European Studies and because as I learned German a little bit in High school. The FUBiS program was absolutely terrific. The professor was nice, the class was amazing. If there was a second chance I would like to apply again and thank you for all of the officials and personnel of FUBiS – and I love you guys!“

Vincy U, Australia

"Hey, my name is Vincy , I’m from Australia and what I loved about FUBiS was the fact that I met so many amazing people and people from different countries, that we had so much in common, and that was what made it so much fun.”

Arturo Salazar, Peru and Isabela Cabral Barbosa, Brasil

"Hello, I am Arturo and I am from Peru. Hello, I am Isabela and I am from Brasil.

Arturo: Well, we are two South Americans here in Berlin. For me it is the first time in Berlin and I really like this city. It is very amazing, the people are very nice. I got a German course B1 and I am happy to have learned a lot of things and to meet people of the whole world. I will miss the people and of course all the FUBiS Team!

Isabel: I did the German course level A2 and I really loved it. It is also my first time in Germany, in Berlin and I love the city, I love meeting everybody here. And it is also my first time seeing snow – so that was very exciting!

I also love how Germany is so organized – the transportation works properly! I love it!”

Youngju Park, South Korea

"My name is Youngju Park from Seoul, South Korea, Seoul National University. I participated in the course European Studies, the professor was Andrzej Ancygier and I was very impressed. I am very happy to be here, I learned very much about the EU and many aspects of the EU like ‘What is the EU for? How Europeans interpret it?’ and so on. I enjoyed the stay in Berlin and at Freie Universität Berlin. I really recommend it to everyone.”

Michelle Gracia, Colombia

"Hello, my name is Michelle Gracia, I’m from Colombia, and I did the Cold War course from FUBiS. I really enjoyed it because it was another way to know the city of Berlin. And I also learned a lot of things in the course. I really enjoyed the people who came here to FUBiS, and the city! I loved the opera, I loved the philharmonics. Party in Berlin is awesome and culture in Berlin is awesome.”

Buom Soo Kim, South Korea

"Hello, my name is Buom Soo Kim and I’m from South Korea, Seoul National University and I was in European Studies and I really enjoyed the course. It was quite challenging but the professor tried to motivate us and he tried to deliver many useful thoughts and I really enjoyed lots of excursions and programs that FUBiS offered. It was a meaningful experience and I would like to come back to Berlin.”

  Jee Eun Suh, South Korea

"I really liked this FUBiS program and the lecture I got. It was really high quality and I also learn by excursions and activities provided by Berlin Free University. So I liked the city a lot and I hope to come again, I really really liked it.”


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