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Critical Global Issues – UN Sustainable Development Goals

FUBiS is dedicated to offering a first-rate and innovative, accessible and sustainable education that furthers our international students' personal and academic growth. It is our goal to help build a global community of individuals who are empowered to shape a better future. For more than twenty years, FUBiS has been bringing together people from all backgrounds for a meaningful intercultural exchange. Additionally, we aim to shine a light on pressing global issues that will define how future generations live and work.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set forth and unanimously adopted by the 193 Member States of the United Nations. They provide an excellent framework for the categorization of these critical issues and allow interested students to quickly identify the courses that speak to topics they want to have an impact on. Please see below for a list of critical global issues that are being addressed by one or more of the current FUBiS courses.

All FUBiS courses are introductory courses. As such, they aim to make participants more aware of these complex issues and introduce existing problem-solving approaches. The courses provide like-minded individuals who want to make an impact on the world the room to share their unique perspectives and harness the power of international exchange.
For the complete list of all FUBiS courses, please see here. FUBiS also offers other subject courses in history, politics, philosophy, economics, business, art history, music, and performance that make full use of the city of Berlin as an extended classroom. These courses also connect participants from all over the world through their shared interests and passion for experiential learning.         

Please visit global.campus.fu-berlin.de to learn more about FUBiS’s vision and values and other international short-term programs at Freie Universität Berlin that are dedicated to shaping a better future. For a comprehensive overview of Freie Universität Berlin’s activities related to sustainability, please visit the website of the Unit for Sustainability and Energy Management.