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FUBiS Term II: History of European Art: Centers and Protagonists

(Course # 2.09)

InstructorDr. Stefano de Bosio
Credit Points6 ECTS-Credits
Number of Places18


Student Profile

The course addresses students of any subject.

Course description

This course explores European art and architecture from the 14th to the 20th century with a particular focus on urban centers like Florence, Rome, Venice, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Berlin. The aim is to analyze how the visual arts contributed through the centuries to shape local identities as well as European cultural traditions common to different countries.

The course will present iconic moments of the history of the arts in Europe by drawing a special attention to episodes of cultural exchanges and hybridization that arose from travelling artworks as well as from artists’ travels. From the role of artists like Raphael and Michelangelo in 16th-century papal Rome to the rise of genre painting in the Flanders and the Dutch Republic of the Golden Age, from the ‘painters of modern life’ in 19th-century Paris to the German Avant-garde of the 1920s, we will analyze the artworks and their authors in relation to the different historical contexts and the places of their creation. Recurrent will be the focus on the complex interplay between artists and patrons, between local traditions, individual creativity and the broader social, political and cultural contexts in which artworks and buildings were produced.

Students will gain understanding of the main art movements and relevant artists from the Renaissance to the postwar period as well as the basic concepts and terminology of art history. Visits to the outstanding collections of Berlin museums will allow the participants to study original artifacts and to learn how to look closely at works of art.


An elementary knowledge of European history is welcome but not necessary.

Course requirements

Regular attendance and active participation, mid-term oral presentation and final written exam.


  • Attendance & participation: 30%
  • Mid-term presentation: 30% (oral presentation of a work in Berlin museums)
  • Final Exam: 40%


A course reader will be provided at the orientation meeting.

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