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Excursion to Hamburg

Hamburg (c)Thomas Ulrich, Hamburg, Germany 2010

Hamburg (c)Thomas Ulrich, Hamburg, Germany 2010

Hamburg, the green city on the waterfront, is known as the “most English” city in Germany: noble, reserved and well-off. Thanks to its strategic location at the conjunction of the Alster, Bille and Elbe rivers, Hamburg is Europe’s second largest harbor and Germany’s “gate to the world”. While trade and seafaring provide for a cosmopolitan climate and internationality, the harbor, fleet, canals and the Alster give the city a unique atmosphere. In the 14th century Hamburg, one of the first members of the merchant's alliance Hanse, developed into the most important German trading center and depository between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Even after the decline of the Hanse, Hamburg remains the most important economic center in North Germany. As a cosmopolitan city it is rich in magnificent buildings and places of interest. Particularly worth mentioning are the city hall, the Alster arcades, the Michel, the harbor as well as the Reeperbahn.

Excursion tickets can be purchased during the registration process or later, provided that there are still places available.

To find out more about Hamburg, please visit the city's official website.