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Rebellious Berlin - a historical tour

Demonstration in West-Berlin, 1969

Demonstration in West-Berlin, 1969
Image Credit: Beyerw / commons.wikimedia.org

The year 1968 is today well-known for the revolts of a young generation against the established order. The events in former West Berlin were of exemplary significance for the protest movement in the Federal Republic of Germany: under the special conditions as “city at the frontline” during the Cold War, a broad student protest movement emerged at Freie Universität in the mid of the 1960’s. However, not only in West Berlin did students start to revolt against authorities and the government - resistance against the regime also arose in socialist East Berlin. Berlin’s history is not only shaped by those in power and their ruling performance, but also by inhabitants of all walks of life and their protest from below.

In a two-hour walking tour through the city center, we follow the tracks of the history of protest in Berlin. Interesting and gripping incidents will be explained on the spot where they took place. The extensive history of rebellion and resistance in Berlin ranges from the “Berliner Unwillen” (Berlin discontent) in the 15th century, the revolution of 1848, and the German Revolution of 1918–19 to the uprising in East Berlin on the 17th of June 1953, the Protests of 1968, and the so-called peaceful revolution until the present.