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Visit of the Reichstag building and the Federal Parliament


Image Credit: Cezary Piwowarski/wikipedia.org

The Reichstag building in the heart of Berlin is one of the city’s landmarks. Today it is the seat of the German parliament, the Bundestag. Built 1894, the building has gone through an eventful history: In 1918, the German republic was proclaimed here, birth of the first parliamentary democracy in Germany. Only 15 years later, the Reichstag fire destroyed a great part of the building, one further step toward the establishment of the NS terror regime. The raising of the Soviet flag on the Reichstag became a symbol of the victory over Nazi Germany. During the German division, the border to the GDR would just be next to the Reichstag building. After the fall of the wall, Berlin was declared seat of the all-German Bundestag. After extensive construction works, especially the construction of the glass dome, the first assembly of the German Bundestag in the new plenary hall took place in September 1999.

Join us on our visit to the Reichstag building! During a guided tour, we learn about the functions of the Federal Parliament, as well as the history and architecture of the Reichstag building. Afterwards you will have the chance to enjoy one of the best views of the city from the top of the dome.

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