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Excursion to Rostock

Bild: Hansestadt Rostock, Marina Bramow

Bild: Hansestadt Rostock, Marina Bramow

The almost 800 year old hanseatic city of Rostock is located in the north of Germany, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The international port which is the second biggest Baltic Sea port in Germany belongs to the city’s main attractions. Every year, the “Hanse Sail” invites visitors to come and see sailing ships of all kinds and sizes.

The 5km long beach in Warnemünde, a district of Rostock, is famous throughout Germany. At the beach one can watch cruise liners, practice a great variety of water sports, go swimming, visit the lighthouse or simply go for a walk.

The old town of Rostock is also worth a visit It is home to impressive brick Gothic buildings from the Hanseatic period. Places like the university which was founded in 1419, the zoological garden, several churches as well as the maritime area “Alter Strom” are also worth a visit.

Excursion tickets can be purchased during the registration process or later, provided that there are still places available.

To find out more about Rostock, please visit the city's official website.