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Spreewald excursion

The Spreewald is a unique river landscape and a culturally unique region in the southeast of the federal state Brandenburg. Main feature is the natural branching of the river Spree which was considerably enlarged by channels. Since 1991, the landscape has been protected as a UNESCO “biosphere reserve”. The land was developed and cultivated to an important degree by the sorbs, whose native language as well as their traditions are still alive today. This singularity along with boat tours in the famous Spreewald punts make this landscape one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brandenburg.

Excursion tickets can be purchased during the registration process or later, provided that there are still places available.

To find out more about the Spreewald, please visit the Spreewald tourism information’s website.

Spreewald; Photo: RaBoe/Wikipedia, Licence: CC by-sa 3.0