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Guided Tour "Berliner Unterwelten"

Berliner Unterwelten

Berliner Unterwelten
Image Credit: Berliner Unterwelten e.V. – Image Credits: Berliner Unterwelten e.V. / Michael Bansemer /

Explore Berlin's captivating past through underground passages, shelters, and bunkers with a guided tour of Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underworlds)!

While the city's vibrant surface is merely the visible part, its underground is a labyrinth of relics, tunnels, and secret passageways that tell the story of the city's survival during World War II and the Cold War. Berliner Unterwelten is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and showcasing the underground architecture, bunkers, and shelters that bear witness to Berlin’s tumultuous history. With a particular focus on the remains of bunkers, Berliner Unterwelten actively researches, documents, and preserves this underground infrastructure, making it accessible to the public. Led by knowledgeable guides who focus on historical accuracy, the Berliner Unterwelten tours offer an authentic and insightful journey into the lives of those who sought refuge in the subterranean depths. Through captivating stories and compelling narratives, Berliner Unterwelten will enrich your understanding of Berlin's past, creating a deep connection with the city's resilient spirit.

The excursion provides a unique opportunity to witness the secrets that shaped Berlin's fascinating heritage! Secure your spot as we venture into an unforgettable underground adventure with Berliner Unterwelten, and uncover the hidden treasures that defined Berlin's essence and survival.