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Are you looking for practical experience abroad? An internship abroad can often lead to new career possibilities. Not only can you apply your practical knowledge but you can also further the development of your intercultural competences. You also have the possibility to improve your linguistic and professional skills abroad. Are you interested in combining your FUBiS short-term studies with an internship?

FUBiS + FU-BEST Internship

At the moment, FUBiS does not arrange professional internships for students. If you would like to gain practical experience in a company in Germany before or after your participation in the FUBiS program, you can contact our sister program FU-BEST.

FU-BEST offers an 8-week internship placement that allows you to gain valuable intercultural experience by immersing yourself in a German workplace. These are the key points:

  • Full-time basis (35-40 hours per week) with organizations and companies in Berlin
  • Internships can be done in German or English; German language abilities are recommended but not mandatory
  • Accompanied by an internship colloquium of 2 hours each week
  • 12 ECTS credits upon successful completion that may be transferred back to your home institution
  • As a standalone option or in combination with a FUBiS term

For more information please visit FU-BEST Internship or contact their team directly at fubest[at]fu-berlin.de.

Advantages of this combination

An internship in Germany and the participation in a FUBiS term have the following advantages:

  • short-term studies at a renowned German university,
  • acquisition of language skills and/or professional expertise,
  • insight into the working and corporate culture in Germany,
  • gaining work experience,
  • implementation of the acquired language skills or professional expertise on the job,
  • strengthening personal and intercultural competencies.

If you have any questions concerning the combination possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.