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Participation in FUBiS does not include cost recovery in case of an illness, accident, personal damage or damage to property.

HEALTH INSURANCE: According to German law, students are obliged to have valid health insurance for the entire duration of the program. High costs ban be incurred in case of illness due to missing or incomplete insurance coverage for Germany and Europe. Therefore, please be sure that your health insurance at home is valid for a stay in Germany/Europe.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: Damages caused in Germany are dealt within compliance with German law. This means: If someone injures another person, he or she has to incur the costs. Again, lack of insurance coverage can cause enormous costs. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you have a valid accident and liability insurance.

Please note that FUBiS does not cover costs for medical treatment!

For the duration of the FUBiS program, FUBiS offers an Insurance package (for a small fee). This insurance package includes:

  • Health insurance
  • Accident insurance and
  • Liability insurance*.

It is possible to book this insurance package during the registration process. For more detailed information, please see the information sheet.

It is also possible to book a combination of only Liability and Accident insurance* (for a small fee).

*Liability insurance: Please note that damage to immovable property is subject to a deductible of 250 Euro per claim.

The student guide contains detailed information about the closest doctor, dentist and hospital to the FUBiS apartments as well as the most important emergency numbers.