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Visa Requirements

Students who need to obtain a visa must contact the consulate nearest their place of residence as early as possible (at least 12 weeks prior to the trip) to determine whether any special documents are required. Please note that the place of residence refers to where the student has lived for the past 6 months.

FUBiS cannot and will not intercede for those who choose not to obtain the appropriate documentation. Participants are responsible for educating themselves on any specific requirements for their selected destination. Failure to obtain appropriate passports and visas is not grounds for any refund.

Once FUBiS has received all payments, we will gladly send you an invitation letter. For all questions, please contact your German embassy or consulate.

It is also recommended that you bring a document (i.e. from your parents or funding agency) to Germany which certifies that you can cover the costs of accommodation, etc. German embassies and consulates require all applicants to procure health insurance coverage for their stay in Germany. All applicants have to provide the corresponding certification.

To find out whether you need to apply for a visa for Germany or not, please visit the homepage of the German Federal Foreign Office.

You can find the closest German embassy or consulate to your home address here.