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How are the German language courses structured?

Our German courses are taught by highly qualified DaF instructors (DaF = German as a foreign language) and have a maximum of 15 students. In exceptional cases, more participants per class may be allowed. The courses focus on improving students’ writing and speaking skills. Several field trips actively integrate the city of Berlin into the course. These field trips, which are accompanied by the respective instructor and are an integral component of the course, give students the chance to practice their language skills in various situations. The German language courses are offered on up to five levels:

  • A1 - Beginner 1
  • A2 - Beginner 2
  • B1 - Intermediate 1
  • B2 - Intermediate 2
  • C1 - Advanced

These levels follow the Common European framework of Reference for Languages. An exact description of the course content for each level can be found in the course descriptions of the respective terms.