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Berlin Talks

Join FUBiS and its sister program FU-BEST for the Berlin Talks

The international short-term study programs of Freie Universität Berlin, FUBiS and FU-BEST (European Studies), present "Berlin Talks" - a new series of online live events.

The first Berlin Talk entitled “German Unification 1990 – Retrospective and Outlook after 30 Years” took place on October 8. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of German reunification, four experts discussed its cultural, political, social and international dimensions, offering a retrospective as well as outlook. A recording is now available on the FUBiS YouTube channel (click on picture below to view on YouTube).

The next Berlin Talk on the topic of the US presidential election will take place on November 19.

Further information on this and all future Berlin Talks on: www.fu-berlin.de/berlintalks

Click the photo to view the recording on the FUBiS YouTube Channel.