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Student Voices

The following personal statements by students of previous FUBiS terms might help to create a sense of the program’s atmosphere. We hope that these impressions and experiences will help you decide to attend the FUBiS program. You may contact the FUBiS alumni who are linked with an e-mail address personally.

FUBiS waives the program fee for returning alumni. For more information please click here.

Statements Summer 2015

  Rachel Kim, USA
"Hi, my name is Rachel. I am from California, UC Berkeley. I'm gonna be a sophomore and I took the semi-intensive German Beginner class and the European Business Management class. My time here with FUBiS was really great. I especially enjoyed my German class, because I came in not knowing any German whatsoever and I didn't expect to learn that much German in such a short period of time. I got to whole conversations with German when I'm out in the street, which is great. And the excursions were also awesome. I went to the Rostock and Potsdam one, which were great. I wish I'd stay here for more than a month. I met so many amazing people. The food is amazing the "Döner" or the "Currywurst". Everything is so amazing! I really enjoyed my time here."
  Woon Yee Lim, Singapore
"I'm Woon Yee, I come from Singapore, but I'm studying at King's College London. I really enjoyed my FUBiS experience so far and I'm really sad this is the end. I took two subject courses: One is called "Law, Society and Politics in Comparative Perspective" and one "Global Politics". I really enjoyed both lessons as they were both really interactive and the teachers were very knowledgeable in their field. We had many excursions, so we weren't only cooped in a classroom but we got out of that. I really learned a lot from my teachers and also my friends from around the world - so that is one more plus point about FUBiS that you really meet people from all around the world. I got to meet friends that I will never be able to meet in London or Singapore. And I really liked Berlin. It's a place deep in history and it's so rich in culture."
  Remi Saeki, Japan
"Hi, I'm Remi, I come from UC Berkeley and I took the intensive German language course. I loved the FUBiS program. I got really close to my classmates and to my teacher Diana. She was just amazing and we all had such a great time together. It was just a really, really fun experience to be in Berlin, to be in this culture and also to meet all these different people from all over the world. In my class we had people from America, from Europe, from Asia. It was just very, very international and such a friendly environment for me to learn German, speak German, interact with people and share each other's cultures. I really could not have asked for a better experience."
  Nery Anaya, USA
"Hi, my name is nery, I'm from the USA. I really enjoyed Berlin a lot. It was a great experience at FUBiS and definitely I will come back some time in the future."
  Christine Søndergaard, Denmark
"Ich heiße Christine und komme aus Dänemark. An der Freien Universität, beim FUBiS-Programm habe ich an einem Literaturkurs teilgenommen und an einem Sprachkurs. Für mich war es sehr toll, ich fand beide sehr interessant und habe viel gelernt. Im Besonderen mag ich diesen Literaturkurs, weil ich in Kopenhagen auch Literatur studiere und es war gut eine andere Perspektive auf die Literatur zu haben. Auch haben wir Schlüsselwerke der deutschen Literatur gelesen und konnten viel über Bücher sprechen. Es waren nicht nur die Kurse, die ich sehr toll finde, sondern auch dass ich viele neue Menschen kennen gelernt habe. Es gibt so eine gute Kursatmosphäre hier an der Universität. Alle sind so freundlich und ich weiß, das sind Freunde mit denen ich später in Kontakt bleiben will."
Stephanie Hubble, USA
"Hi, I'm Stephanie from Michigan and I had a really great time at FUBiS and I know that if you go to FUBiS, you will, too!
I took the German literature course "Borders and Crossings" and a semi-intensive German course A2, which was probably the best one - to be honest. I learned more German than I ever thought was possible in six weeks and it's a really great experience.
Berlin is definitely my favorite city now. It's an amazing place whether you like museums or going out at night, there's always something to do."

Badariah Lathif & Nur Juwika Binte Kanik, Singapore
"My name is Badariah and I'm from Singapore. I study at the National University of Singapore. I took the "Seduction and Terror" class and I loved it so much! FUBiS rocks! And Berlin rocks even more!"

"My name is Juwika, I am from Singapore and I am 22 years old. I also study at the National University of Singapore. I took the "Seduction and Terror" class with Dr. Waite, he is a very nice guy and I loved the module. The staff is also very nice and helpful and Berlin is a very nice place to go to."


Tucker Stephen, USA
"My name is Tucker and I have been here at FUBiS for 6 weeks. I have to say that I have been to Berlin before, but I never have been to it this way. The intensive program was definitely something that I haven't experienced in American colleges. We were fully immersed having learned German with only German being spoken in class from the very beginning. It really jump started and kick started what I had to do in terms of effort and motivation.
I have never had a school been so nice to me in terms of people and faculty - like you guys.
The city is fantastic! Out of all capital cities I have been to in the world, Berlin is fantastic, even if you don't like the big city area, it's big and spread out enough that you can always enjoy yourself. Great, great program. Would do it again."


Stephen Zaksewicz, USA
"Hallo, ich heiße Stephen. Ich komme aus den USA, aus dem Staat Connecticut. Deutsch ist eines von meinen beiden Hauptfächern. Ich habe am FUBiS Programm teilgenommen, weil ich mein Deutsch verbessern wollte und da ich nicht so viel Zeit in Deutschland verbracht habe vor FUBiS. Ich habe eine Stadt kennengelernt, die so lebendig ist, in der so viel los ist. Ich habe gerade 6, 7 Wochen in Berlin verbracht, aber ich will immer mehr sehen, immer mehr erfahren, immer mehr lernen. Ich kann nur FUBiS empfehlen, auch wenn ihr kein Deutsch könnt, ist FUBiS ein ganz wunderbares Programm. Ich meine, es ist so gut, es wird dir gefallen!"


Leila Daipour, Canada
"My name is Leila and I'm from Canada, so the West Coast, Vancouver, and I came here to basically learn some more German and get immersed in the culture and I thought it was a great idea to take the German semi-intensive so I had my Tuesdays and Fridays free. That allowed me the opportunity to explore the city on my own on some of those days, which was really nice. I thought it was a really good experience!"


Srishti Shukla, India & Gabrielle Pangilinan, USA
"Hi, I am Srishti from India and I am studying law at Pune University. I think FUBiS is a beautiful experience, you become part of a family for six weeks and that is a privilige, I believe. So I would encourage everyone to go ahead and experience this for themselves, because it's not something you want to miss out on. Everything was so complete, from studies to excursions, involving everyone with the photo competitions and so on. It gives a very holistic opportunity; you will not feel isolated in any way. It is fun, studies and exams; it all comes with the package."

"Hi, my name is Gabrielle, I live in Hawaii and I attend the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. my favorite part about FUBiS was how organized the program was, like with scheduling our classes and scheduling side excursions for students to attend. What I loved about being in Berlin was the public transportation and how inexpensive the lifestyle can be in terms of food and shopping. I definitely would love to come back to Berlin to live and work here if anything. And I highly recommend this to people who want a really new experience."


Christopher Shinn, USA
"Ich heiße Christopher und komme aus Kansas City. Ich habe hier Deutsch studiert und einen C1 Intensiv-Kurs besucht, der mir sehr gut gefallen hat.
Berlin ist eine wunderschöne Stadt, es ist immer etwas los, es gibt ganz viele nette Leute und die Stimmung in Berlin ist unglaublich. Ich hab ein Fahrrad gemietet und es war wunderbar, Berlin auf dem Fahrrad zu sehen, hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht.
Ich habe bei einer Gastfamilie gewohnt und die waren unglaublich nett und es hat so viel Spaß gemacht bei ihnen zu bleiben! Ich würde es sehr empfehlen, dass man bei einer Gastfamilie unterkommt. Es hat mir richtig gut gefallen."


Jake VanDright, USA
"My name is Jake, I'm 22 and from New Jersey. FUBiS was awesome, because the staff is there for you at every moment that you need something."

Statements Winter 2015

Allan Greicon Macedo Lima, Brazil

"Hi, my name is Allan. I'm from Brazil. I think this experience was one of a lifetime because I studied 'Law, Society and Politics in Comparative Perspective' and I think it could really give a taste of what Berlin looks like and understand the whole Berliner society. The class was really amazing, I could enjoy a lot and learn a lot. The FUBiS team was great. They helped us out through everything so that the experience went smoothly. The visits were awesome. So coming here - even if it was winter - it is worth it. I guess that FUBiS is a whole experience, it deals with social life, academic life, student life and you will learn from everything you do, from getting the metro to going to the class, talking to your friends and after that going to a bar and to karaoke that you cannot miss."

Jessica Delgado Agredo, Colombia

"My name is Jessica, I come from Colombia. I study political science and international relations. I'm here in the FUBiS program taking a winter course in European studies. I chose this course, because I found it really interesting the whole day, the activities and the curriculum. You get the whole idea of how the politics in Europe is going on. Also we had a lot of lectures with politicians and ambassadors. I really liked the fact that I can see how their perspective is. And I like that I have the chance to meet people from a lot of nationalities who are my friends right now. So I recommend all of you to take this course. The staff here is also really nice, they help you with all the things and all the questions that you have. So that was my experience at FUBiS."

Tseko Sejake, South Africa

"My name is Tseko, I'm 20 years old. I come from South Africa. I did an A1 [German] language course and it was pretty awesome. The staff was really helpful. So overall the course was actually good and everything was done in a moderate pace, it wasn't too fast, nor was it too slow. So I'm obviously coming back for the second term."

Chloe Rachel, USA

"I'm Chloe and I was placed in B2. I study communications and I'm staying here to study in Humboldt for the semester. It was really great, FUBiS is really awesome, all the excursions and the programs are really organized and I loved it all, great people, great classes. Peter, the teacher is awesome. Kind of cold so maybe summer is a little better to come here, but it was really cool. I learned a lot."


Further statements

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