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The Student Hotel is now The Social Hub!

Freie Universität Berlin – like most German universities – does not own any student dorms or housing facilities. FUBiS arranges appropriate off-campus accommodation for the duration of the program as an optional service at the student’s request. Accommodation options can be chosen during the registration process. Accommodation is subject to availability.

Berlin is home to 4 universities and a dozen universities of applied sciences. Students looking for short term leases face various challenges in finding housing that is available for short term lease, offers sufficient standard and still remains affordable. We are happy to offer a range of options to our students that match these criteria.

The following options are available:

Subject to availability, students in wheelchairs have the option to request our wheelchair-accessible studio apartment for single-occupancy and another room for an accompanying personal assistant.

Please note that FUBiS only serves as an intermediary. FUBiS is not liable for any agreement between the two parties of renter and landlord. FUBiS accommodation is only available for the duration of the FUBiS programs.

Students arriving prior to the program start or those who intend to stay longer should make their own individual arrangements. Please see the section for individual accommodation for options.

Accommodation for participants of BOTH Summer terms

Should you take part in Term II and Term III, you can stay in the chosen accommodation for the one week break for a small extra charge (if applicable). Please see the accommodation options for further details.