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Student Dorm

Housing facilities in the Student Dorms

Berlin is home to four universities and numerous colleges. Students looking for short-term leases face various challenges in finding housing that is available for short-term lease, meets basic standards and still remains affordable. As an optional service, FUBiS serves as an intermediary between students and a range of accommodation options that match these criteria. Please note that your lease will be short-term.

In Germany, it is customary that short-term leases are relatively more expensive than long-term leases – one can expect to pay more than twice as much for a short-term stay than for a regular monthly rent. Cost advantages that FUBiS might be able to negotiate with housing providers are passed on to the student.

FUBiS offers students affordable off-campus housing on a first come, first served basis either in:

Students are responsible for keeping their own room and the common areas clean, in particular the kitchen and the bathroom.

FUBiS generally attempts to place students of different nationalities and approx. the same age in one residential unit. Students have to pay a € 100-150 deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the stay if the rooms are left in the original condition.

Students participating in FUBiS Term II and Term III can stay in the dorms the week in between the two terms for no extra charge.