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Individual - Flats and Shared Apartments

Experienced travellers looking for a more authentic living experience and who are confident enough to look for accommodation individually, may want to look at the following student shared housing listings:

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Furnished Rooms / Apartments:

  • Brunnenstraße 129 – 130 / 13355 Berlin – Wedding
  • Ernst-Reuter-Haus (Altbau) / Triftstr. 67 / 13353 Berlin-Wedding
  • Ernst-Reuter-Haus (Neubau) / Triftstr. 67a + Sparrstr. 9 / 13353 Berlin-Wedding
  • Hanielweg 21 – 23 / 12277 Berlin - Marienfelde
  • Paul-Hertz-Haus / Genterstr. 53 / 13353 Berlin-Wedding
  • Walter-May-Haus / Lynarstr. 5 / 13353 Berlin-Wedding

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