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Admission Requirements

Students must be at least 18 years of age and should have completed at least one year of higher education (college or university) at the beginning of the FUBiS program. However, registrants to the FUBiS program do not have to be enrolled in any program at the point of their registration. FUBiS also accepts registrations by adult learners and professionals. Please note that credits can only be awarded if you are currently/ have been enrolled at a university.

Admission will not be denied on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, creed, gender/sex, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation/identity.

Language Proficiency

German language course:

Students interested in taking a German language instruction course are asked to first sign up for a course of their choice. There will be an online placement test one week before FUBiS starts and a short interview on the first day of FUBiS to assure placement in a course that corresponds to the student's level of German proficiency.

Subject classes:

Students interested in partaking in a course taught exclusively in German must have language proficiency on an advanced Intermediate level (Mittelstufe II) in order to fully benefit from these courses. Most courses are taught in English. Language proficiency on an advanced Intermediate level (Mittelstufe II) is a necessary prerequisite for participation in these courses.

FUBiS reserves the right to exclude participants from their subject course(s) when they do not meet the essential language requirements as stated in the syllabus and on the FUBiS website. The decision will be made in consultation with the instructors, the student and the FUBiS Program officials.


Students must have health insurance which must be valid in Germany (preferably Europe) for the duration of the FUBiS programs. FUBiS strongly recommends that students also purchase an accident insurance and an indemnity/liability insurance.

FUBiS offers an insurance package for the duration of FUBiS at an additional but affordable cost. This policy includes the above mentioned policies and can be purchased during the registration process.