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When and how will I receive FUBiS information material?

About four weeks before the FUBiS term begins, you will receive an e-mail with account data to Distributed Campus, the internet portal of Freie Universität Berlin for international students. On Distributed Campus, you will find important pre-departure information including a student guide with details about the day of arrival, directions to your accommodation, a detailed overview of the FUBiS program, and other tips to help you prepare yourself for the FUBiS term (information about the campus, libraries, emergency phone numbers etc.). Please print out the student guide and bring it with you to Berlin.

In the following weeks, FUBiS will ask you to fulfil several tasks on the internet portal in order to prepare for your stay at FUBiS. You will also receive additional information (e.g. regarding the e-learning platform, the online placement test for German course students, and your housing placement) via e-mail.  

Participants of the online courses will receive their login information for Blackboard, the link to the online German language assessment test for German language students, as well as further important information and documents via email and Blackboard.