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Online Program

FUBiS Online Program Summer 2020

FUBiS Online Program Summer 2020

In place of the regular FUBiS summer terms with on-campus instruction in Berlin that had to be canceled due to the coronavirus this year, FUBiS offers interested participants an online program for the first time:

The FUBiS online program includes offerings in the fields of sociology, art history, history, political science, economics, philosophy, and German.

This nuanced approach is addressed to a wide range of international students, who we know are dealing with the current crisis in many different ways and have different needs and preferences, as well as possibly guidelines from their home universities as to how and if a short-term study abroad experience is feasible for them this year. At FUBiS, we see the silver lining in this crisis in the opportunity to try out new formats together and to grow our remote-learning portfolio with this two-pronged program:

Online Courses

From July 20 to August 14, 2020, FUBiS offers the following online courses with ECTS credits, which students are also encouraged to combine. Detailed course syllabi and the registration form will be available here in the coming days.

Don’t miss out: Students who register by June 15, 2020, can take advantage of the early bird discount!

Subject Courses: (Credits: 4 ECTS; Combined fees: 890 EUR/850 EUR incl. early bird discount)

  • Twentieth Century Berlin: People, Places, Words (Instructor: Dr. Lauren van Vuuren)
  • Seduction and Terror: Hitler's Germany (Instructor: Dr. Marcus Funck)
  • German Philosophy: From Kant to Habermas (Instructor: Prof. Dr. Frieder Otto Wolf)

German Language Courses: (Credits: 4 ECTS; Combined fees: 890 EUR/850 EUR incl. early bird discount)

  • German Language and Culture - Semi-Intensive German Language Beginner A2
  • German Language and Culture - Semi-Intensive German Language Intermediate B1

Digital Lecture Series

As part of an open digital lecture series, we will host/release one 60-to-90-minute online session every Wednesday from June 3 to August 12, 2020. Every week, FUBiS instructors will alternately present their subject or German language courses in detail and give a short lecture on one of the course’s key topics. Additionally, these talks also focus on contextualizing the course content in relation to Berlin as a cultural and historical location. This way, participants/viewers will gain further insights into the structure of the FUBiS program and can develop a good sense of the FUBiS study abroad experience, in which the local environment, society, culture and language are of great significance.

  • Subject course sessions: Seven subject sessions will be offered as video recordings and published on the FUBiS website and on YouTube. Among others, popular FUBiS courses such as "Berlin and the Digital Music Era", "Seduction and Terror: Hitler's Germany" and "Global Challenges - Sustainable Futures" will be presented.
  • Live! German language sessions: The lecture series includes four separate German language sessions, which take place as interactive live events via Webex and are aimed at participants from intermediate level B1 upwards. The content of each session is loosely based on a topic from the previously released subject course sessions.

Please click here, to review the full program for the lecture series as well as the registration for the interactive live German language sessions.

The recorded sessions will be weekly uploaded here.

Please note: Participation in the lecture series is free of charge and open to the public. No accompanying independent study materials are offered with this format. The aim is to give interested parties a comprehensive insight into our regular courses and teaching portfolio and thus prepare them for future participation on-site in Berlin.